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Prices here are in Canadian dollars. Based on the exchange rate posted on www.XE.com (Sep. 20/15), a $75.00 CDN mill is only $56.70 USD.

It hasn't been this good for you in over 10 years! Take advantage!

Cottage Mill®:

An original idea using naturally fallen tree branches, finished with a water based finish, makes these the most environmentally friendly mills on the planet. With a 25 year guarantee on the adjustable ceramic mechanism, any mill can be used to grind any spice, including rock salt. These simply can't be beat!

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Is this for a gift?...

Add 75 g of Black or Mixed Peppercorns to make it complete! Comes in a crinkle bag with a bow. This is enough to more than fill a 12 inch Cottage Mill®. Check out the Artisan Salts here.





And add a gift bag & tissue...


 Cottage Mill® Wood & Size Options:

Cottage MillŪ in Elm

Elm dies naturally due to Dutch Elm Disease, which is a fungus that invades the tree. After the tree dies, bugs get in between the bark and the wood and carve out these amazing tracks as they move around.

All my Cottage Mills are heat treated to guarantee they are bug free.



Cottage MillŪ in Maple

My maple Cottage Mills are made from branches that have naturally fallen, mostly due to wind storms. As they lay on the ground, sometimes for years, the weather, sunlight, and moisture work their magic. The end result is a beautiful natural looking mill.



Cottage MillŪ in Spalted Maple

As with the maple Cottage Mills, these are made from branches that have naturally fallen. As they lay on the ground a certain type of fungus gets beneath the bark, and over time, changes both the colour and density of the wood, making them spectacular.


 Banksia Mill:

Made from the naturally fallen and renewable seed pod from Australia, the Banksia Mill looks amazing on any table, and is quite the conversation piece.

The Banksia seed pod comes in varying sizes, and I use as much of the pod as possible. Most can be made into mills that end up around 7 inches, but it varies.

The hardest wood that I've worked with, making these mills is quite the challenge, but the end result is worth the effort.



Fire Mill:

Made from naturally fallen tree branches, these mills are burnt on an open fire, and after they cool, I apply a water thin finish that soaks right through to the unburnt wood and completely hardens and preserves the charred wood exterior. No ash or soot will ever come off while using these mills